Dan Hawkins - online bass player

Quotation-MarksI started this site as it was always my dream to be a session player. I consider it a real privilege to be asked to play on your music and take it very seriously. This is why I have built a remote studio with top quality hardware and a variety of vintage and modern basses and amps to cater for all sounds. You can guarantee that I will put 100% into each performance and work hard to get the bass line right for your music.

Online Bass Player has been going for nearly 10 years now and is one of the first remote session services for bass guitar on the internet. It is the online recording bass service of London musician Dan Hawkins. He has recorded remotely for clients ranging from amateur and semi pro musicians to film composers and major artists. Dan is a full time musician who is able to devote much of his time to recording bass for musicians around the world.
Nearly a thousand tracks have been recorded for well over a hundred clients from the UK, USA, Brazil, Canada, India, Egypt, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden, South Korea, Japan, Australia and Russia. His playing has featured on singer-songwriter EPs, demos, passion projects, library music, BBC, Netflix, Channel 4, European films, US TV , a Kollywood film (Chennai film industry, India) and even music for a Swiss chocolate factory visitor centre!
He has played live with – amongst others – Katie Melua, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas as well as on TV sessions for Rod Stewart and Olly Murs.

Playing bass with UK artist Katie Melua at Buckingham Palace

With Motown legend Martha Reeves and the Vandellas at Secret Garden Party festival

TV session with Rod Stewart