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Kala U Bass – electric bass ukulele

Kala U Bass

Who knew such a thing as this existed?? Based out of California, Kala is a company making really interesting instruments including the now iconic U Bass; a bass ukulele.


It’s a tiny bass with a huge sound thanks to its Shadow pickup and EQ as well as their custom-made strings. These strings feel almost like rubber and give the bass a unique tone. It doesn’t really sound like any other bass instrument so there’s no point saying it sounds like a double bass or an acoustic bass guitar. It sounds like a U Bass!

When I record bass online I often use my 1978 Fender Precision but it’s good to have enough basses to cover all the tones you might want to record. The Kala is a ukulele bass and, historically, those haven’t been heard much in recorded music history. It offers a tone different from anything else certainly in my collection.

However, I have used this on a couple of sessions and it results in something unique. It is best recorded through something with very high high impedance so I either use my Universal Audio La 610 Mk2 or Basswitch DI from Ruppert Musical Instruments. With some EQ and compression and possibly an amp sim (the Universal Audio Ampegs are great!) the bass ends up sounding mighty.

It’s great used on hip hop, jazz, old school R n B and Motown tracks.

If you want to book me to play on a session using the Kala U Bass or any of my other basses for that matter, get in touch here.



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