Jules Monique handmade tube bass DI and preamp
You can check out all my different bass instruments here. I say bass instruments as I play upright bass, synth bass and also own a ukulele bass as well as vintage Fender, MusicMan, Gibson and Rickenbacker basses.


The videos below will give you an idea of the different sounds that can be achieved with live recorded bass. Also check out the blog for some more ideas, inspiration and examples. I do love gear (all musicians do!) but I view it very much as tools to select from in order to arrive at the correct sound for the track.

I mostly use one bass (the 78 P bass) as it fits in the mix so well. I like to be able to cover the full spectrum of bass tones though. When I record bass online I’m playing a huge variety of styles and genres so these are the colours required for a full spectrum.

More Bass Audio