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Jules Monique handmade tube bass DI and preamp
You can check out all my different bass instruments here. I say bass instruments as I play upright bass, synth bass and also own a ukulele bass as well as vintage Fender, MusicMan, Gibson and Rickenbacker basses.


The videos below will give you an idea of the different sounds that can be achieved with live recorded bass. Also check out the blog for some more ideas, inspiration and examples. I do love gear (all musicians do!) but I view it very much as tools to select from in order to arrive at the correct sound for the track.

I mostly use one bass (the 78 P bass) as it fits in the mix so well. I like to be able to cover the full spectrum of bass tones though. When I record bass online I’m playing a huge variety of styles and genres so these are the colours required for a full¬†spectrum.

More Bass Audio

1968 Fender Precision

Strung with heavy gauge LaBella flat wounds, this is my old school bass used for Motown type lines as well as hip hop and anything requiring a mellow yet thunderous tone. This bass is not a pre CBS model but pickups are so it has the vintage P bass sound. This is my Jamerson bass.


1978 Fender Precision

This bass gets used on a lot of recordings as it just sits in the mix so well. Many a producer loves the tone of this bass and it does have that little something about it! P basses have been used from the 50s right up to now and they cover every style from rock to hip hop to pop. I have this strung with stainless steel round wound strings.


1978 MusicMan StingRay

My dream was to own the models of basses played by the greatest bass players of all time and I bought this bass purely because of Bernard Edwards - one of the very greatest players who ever lived and one of my favourites. This is an active bass and has quite an aggressive punchy sound. It is great for funk and rock. Louis Johnson played one of these too on many a Michael Jackson hit.

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1979 Rickenbacker 4001

I don't know why I bought three basses from the late 1970s - purely coincidence! A great decade for bass though... This instrument sounds great played with a plectrum or fingers. Made famous by Paul McCartney, Lemmy and Chris Squire. It has a very distinct tone and is great for retro as well as rock tracks.

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1973 Gibson EB3

This is like no other bass in my collection. It is short scale with a huge, raucous tone. This is my Jack Bruce bass. His playing along with that of John Entwistle greatly influenced my rock playing. You don't play jazz on this bass. You don't even dare mention jazz near this bass....

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Warmoth P bass

This is my frankenstein bass. I put it together myself using a Warmoth body and neck, Bareknuckle pickup, Hipshot hardware and strung it with very heavy gauge Rotosound nylon tapewound strings. It is great for hip hop and also retro 60s plectrum style. I recorded this with a Barker foam mute at the bridge.


MusicMan StingRay 5

I have so many favourite bass players I have studied over the years that it is very tricky to pin down my top one. Tony Levin would have to come pretty close though which is why I bought this bass. It kind of only does one sound but that sound is pretty epic. I also love the playing of Gail Anne Dorsey and Flea on the Blood Sugar Sex Magik album (where he used a StingRay. Other albums where he didn't still have great bass playing!).


Lakland fretless

This very bass belonged to Pino Palladino before I bought it and appeared on a few albums (it is not - unfortunately - his famous '79 StingRay fretless!). I love Pino's playing and still can't believe how one man can be so relevant across so many genres and decades. I absolutely love his fretless playing from the 80s (I'm a child of the 80s...) and had to buy this bass when the opportunity arose. It is a very versatile instrument due to the jazz/MusicMan pickup configuration as well as push/pull active to passive circuit. In plain English that means it is capable of many different tones.


Bass Collection fretless

This was my first 'proper' bass when I was about 12 years old (after my first Rickenbacker copy bass which I shamefully and regretfully sold for £20). It holds a lot of history for me. I had one of my first gigs at the Royal Albert Hall and played this bass (as a side note I thought all gigs from then on would be like that - in front of 5000 cheering people. I have since learnt that they are not). I was obsessed with Jaco for a year, listening to literally no other bass player but him. The result was one afternoon spent pulling the frets out of this bass and filling in the gaps with wood filler. Impulsive, yes but I kind of like it still!


GMR Soundboard

Completely handmade by Polish luthier Roman Koc this bass is a modern sounding passive jazz bass. The maple fretboard gives it a brighter tone and it is ideally suited to many different styles. It has Delano pickups and a very slick. fast neck.


Eastwood Classic 4

I love this bass. This takes care of all the 60s retro bass lines and is a hollow body instrument. It is ideally suited to finger style, pick, or palm muting techniques (or even using a foam or felt mute at the bridge).


Tobias 6

This is probably my least used bass but the one I mess around with the most. I love the extra range for playing chords and melodies - not something a bass has much need for usually. The strings are heavy gauge for a fatter tone and I had the very brilliant Mike Walsh replace the pickups with Aguilars, the preamp for a Noll and the bridge for an ETS. It is now a monster! It has a low B and a high C string and can be used for gospel, jazz and rock.


Kala U-Bass

The sound of this bass shocked me when I first heard it - I was not expecting it at all! It is another one of my wild card basses if you are looking for something out of the ordinary. It needs to be recorded carefully as the sound is so huge. The strings are very thick and almost rubber-like. Very fun to play.


NS 5 Electric Upright Bass

This was another purchase inspired by the great Tony Levin. I've played many gigs on this. It has magnetic pickups as well as piezo for a a more acoustic sound. You can get close to a double bass but it doesn't sound like the real thing. It has it's own truly unique sound, somewhere between a fretless and an upright. Sounds mighty when bowed too for long notes.


Upright Bass

I travelled hundreds of miles and spent hours reading up and quizzing all kinds of people in my quest for an upright tone I was happy with. The result is this 130 year old German instrument. Combined with Neumann microphones and Universal Audio preamps I couldn't be happier! My favourite players are jazzers Steve Rodby and Ray Brown but my favourite upright playing is groove stuff - drum and bass, pop and roots playing.