Recent Tracks I’ve played on

Here’s a selection of tracks I’ve played bass on. I love playing for the song and I am comfortable playing a variety of different styles. I’m happy playing jazz, pop, funk, rock, hip hop, film and TV cues. Anything with a groove and soul is my favourite!

Head over to the blog to learn more about some of the individual projects I’ve played on. These range from demos, EPs and albums to TV, film and jingles and everything in between. I highlight some of the gear I use as well as the process from receiving a rough guide to getting back a finished and mastered track to listen to.

Instrument audio

I have a collection of basses that covers most of what you could possible want in terms of bass sounds. I own vintage Fender, Gibson, MusicMan and Rickenbacker basses along with an electric upright, acoustic upright, ukulele bass, 6 string, fretless and hollowbody. Along with nylon, stainless steel, flatwound strings and various mutes, plectrums, playing techniques and gear combinations I am able to recreate a very wide range of bass tones.