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Bass Guitar Remote Recording – Spank, Ron Louis Smith 2nd

Ron is from a family of musical royalty, his dad and uncle both original members of KC and The Sunshine Band.

Ron is a gifted producer from Miami who has a real knack for catchy pop and dance records. I’ve played a few tracks for him and his method can be unusual but effective. I once had a Skype session with him where he sang me a load of ideas for the bass which really steered me towards a direction I wouldn’t normally go.

I love it when that happens. Even with remote sessions, collaboration is key. Whether by email, phone or Skype it’s really important to get any ideas across clearly. I’ve had a few people sing their ideas and I love it! It really works.

This track is a remix of an old track written by his dad. So the brief was to recreate the bass line which I did using my 1978 Fender Precision.


About the Author:

My name is Dan Hawkins and I run Online Bass Player, recording bass guitar and double bass on hundreds of tracks for musicians all over the world. I've been doing it for nearly 10 years and have loved every session!