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Double Bass Remote Recording – Sans abri, Ben Popp

Ben Popp is an artist from France who writes music spanning many different genres. I played my old double bass on Sans abri from his album Dicembre.

I’ve worked for this artist many times and I’m usually sent backing tracks with a simple chord sheet and a brief to just play something that fits. On this occasion, I was given a guide MIDI bass which sounded great so I just added some touches to it and that was all that was needed.

I sent him four signals: a DI, body, bridge and fingerboard microphone signals. That gives more than enough options to mix a full, gorgeous sounding organic double bass sound. You can hear some of that fingerboard mic right at the intro giving more of the, well… fingerboard sound.

About the Author:

My name is Dan Hawkins and I run Online Bass Player, recording bass guitar and double bass on hundreds of tracks for musicians all over the world. I've been doing it for nearly 10 years and have loved every session!