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Bass Guitar Remote Recording – Dave Power, Journey Of Ours


Dave Power is a singer songwriter from Australia who was one of my first clients. He writes rootsy, bluesy, folk-pop tunes about life, family and friends. I’ve played on loads of his tunes over the years and, even though I’ve never met him, he feels like family! His music is so heartfelt, I love it. I try to make my playing as soulful as possible whilst sticking to the drums – again, the mighty Jon Howells.

I’ve recorded fretless, upright and fretted for him but I usually use my 1978 Fender Precision bass as it fits his style so well. The challenge with recording remotely is to make it sound like you’re all in a room together. From a performance point of view that means really getting inside the track and listening, trying to catch the vibe of the song as well as sticking closely (usually) to the drums. No different to a live session really, you just have to give it some feeling to help bring the music alive with all the other elements.

This track is called ‘Journey Of Ours’. Visit¬†www.davepowermusic.com¬†for more info on Dave and his growing catalogue.

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