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Bass Guitar Remote Recording – A Dark Reflection, Moritz Scmittat,

This is a film by Tristan Loraine about a huge cover up in the aviation industry with a brilliant score composed by Moritz Schmittat. He contacted me and said that he had a PDF score and a Logic file to send and would I be interested in recording bass guitar on the score.

I’m so glad I learnt to read music early because the Logic file was 3000 bars long and the PDF file a big one! Actually it took no time at all because I could see where the audio parts of the film were within the Logic score and where the dialogue was so I simply fast forwarded to wherever there was audio and sight read the score.

Film composers often require the exact part to be played so that’s exactly what I did, using my MusicMan StingRay 5 to get some of the below E notes that were present – again a fairly common occurrence in film music.

The score features The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra as well as the F.A.M.E.S. Orchestra and UK session legend Ralph Salmins on percussion.

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