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Bass Guitar Remote Recording – A Dark Reflection, Moritz Scmittat,

This is a film by Tristan Loraine about a huge cover up in the aviation industry with a brilliant score composed by Moritz Schmittat. He contacted me and said that he had a PDF score and a Logic file to send and would I be [...]

Bass Guitar Remote Recording – The Storm, Casey Ladoski

This track comes from Casey Ladoski from Kamloops, British Columbia in Canada. The track is called 'The Storm' and comes from the album  'One South'. All music was written and produced by Casey in a basement studio. It's a heavy, raucous rock track which required [...]

Bass Guitar Remote Recording – Second Life EP, Claudio Allia

All kinds of people use an online session musician, from hobbyists to full time composers and everyone in between. Claudio is an MD Ophthalmologist from Sicily who is also an award winning photographer, writer and producer. He got in contact with an instrumental progressive rock project [...]