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Bass Guitar Remote Recording – A Dark Reflection, Moritz Scmittat,

This is a film by Tristan Loraine about a huge cover up in the aviation industry with a brilliant score composed by Moritz Schmittat. He contacted me and said that he had a PDF score and a Logic file to send and would I be [...]

Double Bass Remote Recording – Sans abri, Ben Popp

Ben Popp is an artist from France who writes music spanning many different genres. I played my old double bass on Sans abri from his album Dicembre. I've worked for this artist many times and I'm usually sent backing tracks with a simple chord sheet [...]

Bass Guitar Remote Recording – Never Make You Weep, Godprayer

  Dmitry is from Russia and his dream bass sound is the sound of an old MusicMan StingRay, which is handy as I have a lovely pre Ernie Bass 1978 in the arsenal. I recorded 3 takes for this pop rock number, going from simple [...]

Bass Guitar Remote Recording – The Storm, Casey Ladoski

This track comes from Casey Ladoski from Kamloops, British Columbia in Canada. The track is called 'The Storm' and comes from the album  'One South'. All music was written and produced by Casey in a basement studio. It's a heavy, raucous rock track which required [...]

Bass Guitar Remote Recording – Lazy Day, Robert Michaels

Robert is from Washington DC and he sent me a load of guide tracks over a few months to record bass on. The tracks were the kind of groovy, pop, dance music that is amongst my favourite genres to play. I will very often be [...]

Bass Guitar Remote Recording – Goodbye Featuring LiRY, Pacific No153

  This soulful jazzy, pop number comes courtesy of Tarjei Bjerke Dalene from Birkeland in Norway. It features LiRY. Tarjei writes, produces, mixes and masters his music himself and collaborates with musicians from around the world. He doesn't sell his music and produces to improve his all [...]

Bass Guitar Remote Recording – Dave Power, Journey Of Ours

  Dave Power is a singer songwriter from Australia who was one of my first clients. He writes rootsy, bluesy, folk-pop tunes about life, family and friends. I've played on loads of his tunes over the years and, even though I've never met him, he [...]

Bass Guitar Remote Recording – Hello Crazy, Izzy Bizu

Adam Argyle is a professional songwriter who has written for loads of great artists including James Bay, Olly Murs, Newton Faulkner and James Arthur. I've played on a few demos for him including one time when he needed a bass line for a tune to present [...]

8 Years of Remote Recording – 6 Continents!

These are the countries where the lovely people who have hired me to play bass on their music come from. I started in late 2010 offering bass guitar and later, double bass. The call for an online session bass player has grown in the years [...]