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8 Years of Remote Recording – 6 Continents!

These are the countries where the lovely people who have hired me to play bass on their music come from.

I started in late 2010 offering bass guitar and later, double bass. The call for an online session bass player has grown in the years I have been doing it. There doesn’t really seem to be a typical demographic either – I have recorded for full time pros and amateurs who know that live bass makes a track groove!

I am a full time professional musician and have been since 2003. I always wanted to be a ‘session player’ – someone who records music for a living – but my time entering the industry coincided with the demise of studios in London and many other places. Technology was and is one of the reasons for that decline. But that same technology has democratised music, allowing anyone to create their own music from their own studios.

And for me to set my own up to cater for anyone who wants to bring their track to life with a real, bespoke, live bass line.

I’ve heard my bass playing from remote sessions on the BBC, Netflix, and on films, EPs, demos, albums and jingles. I’m told that one track I played on greets you as you enter the Chocolat Frey visitors’ centre in Buchs/Switzerland. It truly is a global business.

I’m forever grateful to Jon Howells, my online drumming partner in crime who started his drumming service a couple of years before me. That’s where I got the idea and encouragement to start and I truly love this part of my work. For someone to deem me good enough to play on their music is the highest honour and something I take very seriously. I’ve built up an array of basses and gear that allow anyone to get a professionally recorded and played bass line easily, quickly and – most importantly – affordably. No studio/engineer costs to fork out for!

Thanks to everyone who has ever asked me to play on their music and I look forward to working with lots of new musicians in the coming years.

If you know anyone in Antarctica who wants some bass let me know…

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About the Author:

My name is Dan Hawkins and I run Online Bass Player, recording bass guitar and double bass on hundreds of tracks for musicians all over the world. I've been doing it for nearly 10 years and have loved every session!