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Who Hires An Online Session Bass Player?

The one thing I love about online sessions is the sheer variety of music I get to play. This music hits me from all walks of life: enthusiasts, semi pros, bands, film and TV composers and, well, anyone who creates.

Only last week I played bass guitar on a heavy metal album and upright on a nursery rhyme. It’s impossible to get bored with what comes my way!

The other thing I love is working with people from all over the world – Brazil, Japan, Australia, USA, India, Russia. Every continent apart from Antarctica!

Here are some of the types of work I have experienced. See credits for more detail.


  • Singer/songwriter projects – individual tracks, EPs and albums.
  • Films – trailers and full scores including a Collywood film (India)
  • TV – Netflix, BBC, VH1, Discovery, ITV.
  • Library composers – used on Netflix, BBC, VH1, Discovery, ITV.
  • Jingles –  The Adam Buxton Podcast and radio (Gold).
  • Demos – Universal Music as well as individual projects.
  • EPs and albums.
  • Bands – Every now and again a band gets in touch needing a bass player to record the album after everything else has been tracked (or sometimes during).


I’ve been asked to record 10 seconds of music and hours of music. I work for myself in my own time – full time – so there’s not really a job I can’t take on. Once a composer sent me a 3000 bar PDF to read for a film score. That was actually great as I didn’t have to think too much. Conversely, I get loads of requests to “make it sound good”, which is probably my favourite instruction of all.

All sessions are the same to me in that I don’t send the files until I’m completely happy that I’ve done the best job I can.


Get in contact if you have any questions about a session you would like me to play on.