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Double Bass Remote Recording – Jump Up And Down, DanCa

I used my 130-year-old German double bass to record remotely for this track by composer Daniele Carmosino.

130 German double bass

My beautiful double bass








The brief was to play some looped lines over a groove. I recorded a few takes over two sessions as Daniele was hearing the bass played a specific way so it was important to nail exactly what he wanted.

I sent my usual four signals when recording double bass remotely. These are:

  • Bridge mic: Neumann TLM 102.
  • Fingerboard mic: Neumann KM184.
  • Body mic: DPA 4099.
  • DI: David Gage ‘The Realist’ pickup.

All signals run through a Universal Audio Apollo with Neve preamps.

Usually, that provides more than enough options to blend together in the final mix.

This track was used in at least one commercial that I know of for Houzz, but I think it’s been used for a few others too. There are loads of my bass lines out in the wild I have no idea where they end up!


Incidentally, once I’m paid, the client owns the rights to the files. For library music projects, I – as a performer – do not get royalties. However, if I’m credited (which I always like to be) for most other projects I am entitled to playing royalties that are collected by performing rights agencies. This does not come out of the composer’s ‘pot’ but is paid for (I believe) by licenses. As far as any client is concerned, I am paid once for the job.

I love the way this groovy tune turned out!


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